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Star Trek: Picard Star Wants to Fight Worf

Jean-Luc Picard's current protector would like to cross blades with Picard's former security chief. Evan Evagora plays Elnor inStar Trek: Picard, the Romulan boy raised by the Qowat Milat to follow the Way of Absolute Candor. Having received Qowat Milat training, Elnor is deadly with a sword. He'd like to test his skills against Worf's bat'leth. The Australian actor was a guest on the Australian podcast Pod Syndicate (h/t to Trek Movie for catching the episode). During the discussion, he confirmed that Picard's second season would begin shooting soon and discussed which Star Trek: The Next Generation characters he hopes will show up.

"I'd like to see Geordi," Evagora said. "I'd love a sparring session with Worf… It was Klingons who were viewed as enemies, and we get given Worf, and that is a different perspective on Klingons. Not everyone is the same. And I think it is the same with Elnor. It's a different view with Romulans that we haven't seen before. He's so different than most Romulans are. Most Romulans are very secretive and not trusting and scheming. And you've got this Romulan kid—the sister/boy—and he's completely different. He speaks his mind and in protecting and helping people."

Outside of established Star Trek characters, Evagora hopes to see Patrick Stewart's friend and X-Men co-star Ian McKellen on the series. "I would like to see Sir Ian in the show," Evagora said. "It's got to happen. Whether it's a villain, or a commander, or something, he needs to be in it."

If McKellen did show up on Star Trek: Picard would be somewhat ironic since he advised Stewart not to take the now-iconic role of Picard in the first place. Speaking to The Guardian, McKellen admitted that when he and Stewart were acting together on stage, he advised Stewart not to trade "success as a classical actor with the Royal Shakespeare and National Theatre companies," for a sci-fi TV show. "He's long forgiven me my advice not to risk a solid career on the British stage by falling for an uncertain future in Star Trek," he said.

Star Trek: Picard begins filming again in California in January. "Yeah, January, we will be filming," Evagora says. "I don't know if they have posted the date. All I know is everyone's saying January, January, January. So we'll start season two there, and in my opinion, it cannot come quicker. I'm so excited, not just to get back to work, but to get back to the motley crew and hang out with everyone… in California."

Star Trek: Picard Season One is streaming now on CBS All Access.