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Unbelievable theory: Picard will find out Wesley Crusher is his son

Star Trek: Picard is gearing up for season two and so are the speculations

With Gates McFadden confirming that there is a “good chance” she will appear in season 2 of Star Trek: Picard, ideas have been swirling that she could possibly be returning with news he needs to know. Like that they have a son together. Technically, this could be possible if some genetic disease required Dr. Beverly Crusher to check her son, Wesley’s, DNA, and then she could discover the son she thought belonged to Jack actually belonged to Jean-Luc Picard. But that’s a bit far-fetched given there’s been no indication that the couple has had any type of sexual relationship. .

In fact, there has never been any indication that Picard and Beverly moved beyond anything but friendship. Remember that she seemed surprised to learn that he was in love with her in the season 7 episode, Attached of Star Trek: The Next Generation. When her mind was linked with his, she asks him why he never told her he was in love with her. Picard’s response was “you were married to my best friend.” So if he never expressed his feelings for her long ago, odds are good Wesley isn’t his son.

In addition, Picard told Beverly that he promised he’d never tell her how he felt because he felt guilty about having feelings for his best friend’s wife. Picard is a man of honor so it stands to reason that he wouldn’t put the moves on Jack’s wife while Jack was still alive. Being that Wesley was born while Jack was still alive, that trounces the theory as well.

And finally, the idea that Beverly would keep Picard from knowing his son all of these many years is ludicrous. The mind connection in Attached alone would have revealed this treachery. So, all in all, I’m laying odds that Wesley Crusher’s father was Jack Crusher. And that Beverly Crusher doesn’t need a reason to visit…especially not to reveal a secret she’s been keeping for forty years or so.