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This awesome USS Enterprise Star Trek drone is 30% off for Black Friday

Take your Trekkie dreams out for a spin with the 'Star Trek Enterprise' drone from Air Hogs, discounted 30% at Amazon for Black Friday.

We've been a fan of this quadcopter for years, ever since we first spotted the starship at the 2016 New York Toy Fair. Federation fans will instantly recognize this as the NCC-1701A starship, which replaced an older version of Enterprise that was destroyed on the Genesis Planet while Kirk was rescuing Spock.

The attention to detail is incredible, as the model has 10 authentic sound effects, mesmerizing blue lights and hidden rotors (so that you don't destroy those sleek, sleek starship sightlines.)

You'll definitely want to warp into this deal quickly, as the drone has been a top-rated item among Trekkie engineering types for a long time.

Air Hogs Star Trek Enterprise Drone: $129.99 $89.98 at AmazonFly this famous Federation vessel at an incredible 30% discount. Sales of the 'Star Trek' Enterprise remote control drone are happening quick, though, so you should warp-speed into this deal while supplies last.

The drone is listed as smooth and stable to fly, with long-distance communication possible through 2.4 Ghz communication. Just make sure to get your Federation credentials registered with the Federal Aviation administration, and you'll be good to go.

Enterprise gets high reviews on Amazon and requires just a little power to fly, using four AA batteries (not included, but surely also a cheap buy during Black Friday.)

Set your phasers to fly quickly with this incredible deal. Stock is already running low and you don't want this opportunity to warp away before the holiday ends.

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Air Hogs 'Star Trek Enterprise' Remote Control Drone: $129.99 $89.98 at Amazon

Go where few people have gone before, with an incredible 31% discount off this 'Star Trek Enterprise' drone. Just watch out for Klingons and other obstacles while you're in flight.