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You can beam up 'Star Trek Catan' for 23% off this Black Friday

You can beam up "Star Trek Catan" board game for 23% off a Amazon in a highly logical sale for Black Friday, so act fast while the deal is still in your quadrant. 

Building on the classic board game "Catan", this Federation-themed version will bring your settlements into space — the final frontier. You direct the voyages of the USS Enterprise, whether you want to mine resources from a planet or to establish interspecies supply routes. 

Just like in "The Original Series", you will find yourself facing down the Klingons as you try to expand. But you can always call on the charismatic characters of your starship for help. Use their skills to emerge as the Federation's top hero among two or three opponents.

Your final frontier game includes items such as 28 outposts, 60 starships, a single Klingon battle cruiser and 95 resource cards, along with numerous references to the "Star Trek" universe. We are, and always will be, awed by the game's scope.

Star Trek Catan: $65 $50.15 at AmazonExplore the Federation's resource-rich planets with the bestselling Star Trek Catan.  Build settlements and establish supply routes and more. Just watch for Klingons!

 "Star Trek Catan" is  a winner among board game geeks and Trekkies alike, because the game combines the best of the best in two well-known franchises. The game is also a great tool to teach your kids the basics of economics using a franchise they can still catch on television; numerous new "Star Trek" series are in production or on air. So you'll definitely find cross-generational appeal.

If you do act on this sale, your gaming will live long and prosper well through the holiday season and into the coming decades. Work to better your settlement, other species and the rest of humanity!

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Star Trek Catan: $65 $50.15 at Amazon

"Star Trek Catan" is nearly 25% off, so warp into this deal fast while supplies last. It takes the "Catan" board game to strange new worlds, as you build, trade and settle where no one has gone before. Establish new interplanetary settlements, Federation-style, while fighting off opponents and the Klingons.