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5 Best Tweets of the week by Star Trek actors

Many of our favorite Star Trek actors are active on Twitter where they share their humor, their gratitude, and things that make them happy

There isn’t enough time in the day to see every great tweet from the Star Trek actors we like to follow. No matter how much time we spend on the social media platform, we’re bound to miss some, probably some that would have been our favorites. So we’re rounding up the ones that we think you’d like to see if you could have. Maybe you did see them. If so, they’re still worth a second look.

These dog boots by Nicole deBoer

There’s really not much to say about this other than it’s really funny and clear that Nicole’s dog isn’t really feeling the boots.

Nana Visitor’s birthday wishes to Terry Ferrell

These two women shared a wonderful friendship onscreen on Star Trek: DS9 as Kira and Jadzia. It’s great to see the friendship carried over into real life and that it continues over 27 years later!

Gates McFadden and a bunny

Gates McFadden shared a cute picture of herself and her niece’s bunny. She said in a later tweet that the bunny was bigger than a turkey. That’s no lie. And Gates is still as beautiful as ever!

Levar Burton’s gratitude

I’m not going to lie. Levar Burton is one of my favorite actors so I’m all behind him being on this list.

Anson Mount’s Gif

So Anson Mount, Captain Pike from Star Trek: Discovery and the upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, puts his name in the Gif bar, and this is what comes up. Random and funny.

Twitter offers us the chance to get some behind-the-scenes with our favorite actors, and tweets like these make us glad it’s there!