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Star Trek 4: Fargo Creator Doesn’t Think His Movie Is Happening

Fargo creator Noah Hawley doesn't think his Star Trek 4 is happening, though he's taking it all in stride. In 2009, J.J. Abrams revived Star Trek on the big screen with a shiny new movie centering on alternate versions of the Enterprise crew from The Original Series. Abrams' Star Trek led to two sequels, and though there were initial plans for a Star Trek 4 centered on the same cast, they fell to the wayside following the disappointing response to 2016's Star Trek Beyond. Since then, the future of the Star Trek film franchise has remained in limbo.

Last November, it looked like progress was being made when Fargo mastermind Hawley was tapped to write and direct the next Star Trek film. Fans initially assumed it would be the long-awaited Star Trek 4, but Hawley later cast doubt on that when he described the project as a "new beginning." This was a bit of a blow for Star Trek 4's prospects. Hawley's movie then took an even more drastic turn when reports suggested Paramount was putting it on pause while considering two additional Star Trek ideas, one of which would bring back Abrams' cast, or the "Kelvin timeline" crew.

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Now it truly looks like Hawley's Star Trek is no longer in the cards. In a new interview with Deadline about the season finale of Fargo, Hawley was asked if he still believes Star Trek is in his future. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be. The creator gave a diplomatic answer, citing Paramount's changing priorities as the reason it has been halted. Hawley said:

Hawley also indicated his Star Trek had gotten quite close to production, which is further along than it had seemed to be. Very little was known about this Star Trek, save that it would've focused on new non-Kirk characters and had a conflict centered around a deadly virus, which some deemed to be a bit too timely. Hawley seems to have gotten rather far into Star Trek 4, but Paramount is evidently interested in moving in a new direction.

This leads one to wonder if Star Trek 4 really will end up bringing back the Kelvin crew. Cast members like Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have expressed an interest in coming back, and there are certainly fans who would like to see their story be continued. Paramount opting to not move forward with Hawley's Star Trek doesn't immediately mean Pine and the rest will return, but it does suggest it's a possibility. Many were excited to see what Hawley could bring to the Star Trek franchise, and while it's disappointing that it likely won't come to pass, it'll be interesting to see what Paramount does settle on. Unfortunately, though, fans might have to wait a while longer to learn what's in store for Star Trek 4.

Source: Deadline

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