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Noah Hawley says Star Trek isn’t in his immediate future

With the status of the Star Trek movie franchise unclear at present, Noah Hawley, the creator of Legion and the TV show Fargo, has revealed that he has no immediate future with the franchise.

In an interview with Deadline, Hawley revealed that he is no closer on beginning production on his fresh new take for the franchise and doesn’t expect to start anytime soon.

“It doesn’t appear to be in my immediate future,” Hawley said. “I think when [Paramount Pictures President Emma Watts] came in, she took a look at the franchise and wanted to go in a different direction with it. But you know, life is long, we were very close to production but in this business that doesn’t mean much. You got to get out of the gate to be in the race if you know what I mean.”

Although Hawley’s Star Trek is on hold, it has been reported that his pitch incorporated a virus which was responsible for wiping out vast parts of the universe, and wouldn’t include either Kirk or Picard as the film would instead focus on new characters.

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