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X-Men Art Makes the Case that Chris Pine Should Play Cyclops in the MCU

New X-Men art makes the case for Chris Pine as Cyclops in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As fans eagerly await updates for when the X-Men might show up in the MCU, they’ve kept busy by advocating for the actors that should star as the new versions of iconic characters such as Wolverine and Storm.

Cyclops is another popular persona that fans have been thinking about. Created by the legendary duo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Cyclops debuted in the first edition of the X-Men comic book series with the real name of Scott Summers. Known for emitting powerful beams of energy from his eyes, he is presented in Marvel’s pages as a top-tier hero. Despite his pivotal history however, some have felt that his live-action appearances fail to capture his significance. Armie Hammer has already been suggested as the right candidate for Cyclops, capable of breathing new life into the character. Chris Pine, who will appear next as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984, is another smart choice.

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Awesome new fan art by ApexForm now makes a pretty compelling case that Pine should tapped to play Cyclops in the MCU. Pointing out that the actor brings the right amount of heroic arrogance and passion to the character, it’s hard to deny that Pine looks the part. He would also bring a fair amount of name recognition, potentially ensuring that Cyclops is utilized as more than a supporting character. You can check out the art below.

In the comics, Scott Summers is a complicated character. Although he’s often in a leadership position compared to other mutants, he also suffers from self-doubt and attempts to close himself off as a result. In the same vein, while assuming the mantle of Cyclops, he also tries to compensate for his flaws by being bossy and even overbearing. As demonstrated by James Marsden’s stint as the character, which spanned several movies, Cyclops can be a tough persona to place at the center of the story in spite of his importance. He was regularly overshadowed by Wolverine’s casual swagger or, in other scenes, Jean Grey’s immense power. By casting someone with Chris Pine’s filmography, the MCU’s version of X-Men would be selecting a performer that is familiar to protagonists with a pompous edge. From his time as James T. Kirk in the Star Trek movies to playing a womanizer in the romantic comedy This Means War, Pine eventually finds a way to make audiences warm up to his characters.

This would also depend on what the MCU decides to emphasize about Scott Summers, as their adaptations can diverge from the source material. That was the case in their depiction of the relationship between Iron Man and Spider-Man. Although the two have interacted plenty in the comics, their bond is far more clearly defined on the big screen. When Cyclops arrives in the MCU, along with his X-Men cohorts, audiences could see a relatively different version of the character. But even then, there will be no shortage of capable actors lining up for the role.

Source: ApexForm

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