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McMahan: Star Trek: Lower Decks: Season Two Update

Mike McMahan has updated fans on the progress regarding Season Two of Star Trek: Lower Decks, as well as letting them know what they can expect.

Work is well underway for the next season. “I can tell you right now, we are so deep in production,” said McMahan. “Not only is it all written, but I’ve got Episode 209 to watch over this week in animatic format — and we have already sent the first four episodes to coloring departments.”

So what can fans expect next season? Some familiar faces and races will appear, including Jonathan Frakes, and the Pakled, seen in Season One’s No Small Parts.

There will also be a new head of security for Season Two. McMahan wouldn’t tell who the character would be or who is voicing him/her, but “I’m really just excited for (everyone) to see who it is. I’m really proud of everything we did with the character there.”

As to the main characters, expect to see more of Tendi (Noel Wells) and Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) this season. “There are four leads,” he said; “Instead of two leads and two sidekicks.”

Now the viewers know who the characters of Lower Decks are, in the second season, “because we weren’t having to explain what the show was to ourselves or to an audience you get some really fun Dr. T’Ana [Gillian Vigman] episodes…even a funny Billups [Paul Scheer] episode. He’s a secret favorite of the writers.”

Meanwhile, fans outside of the U.S. are still waiting for Season One. McMahan was “surprised with how long [international distribution] has taken, but we are aware of it.

“It is clearly something we want to have happen and there should be news about it fairly soon… but these are conversations that I’m involved in, but not in charge of.

“We totally hear you, we are desperately working on it and we are completely invested in getting it done.”

Source: TrekCore

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