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Star Trek: Picard: Some fans think Picard’s trying to atone for sins

Star Trek: Picard is set to resume production in January, and the news has fans ready to discussing the premise of the show

The first season of Star Trek: Picard had its fair share of critics. Most said the show didn’t resemble anything like Star Trek: The Next Generation or Star Trek at all and that the show isn’t geared toward all audiences like the shows from the nineties and early 2000s. They’ve complained about the language, the pace of the show, and the gore, but some have come to its defense with a much different point of view. And that is that Star Trek: Picard was never meant to be an adventure in space like its predecessors were. Instead, it’s a series about a man trying to correct the mistakes of his life and even atone for his sins.

While I agree that Captain Picard made some mistakes in his life, I don’t necessarily agree that the series is intended to be all about redemption. Picard has spent the better part of his life fighting for good. He was a loyal Starfleet member, dedicated, and one of the best captains the fleet ever had. So while he had some errors in judgement, he certainly doesn’t need to serve penance for crimes he’s committed.

Star Trek: Picard is unique in that it highlights a man who has spent the better portion of his life in space and is, for the most part, alone and bored in his later years when the series begins. Saving the universe has been all he’s known so why wouldn’t he jump at the chance to be a part of that world again? He feels a connection to the galaxy, one that is much stronger than any ties holding him home.

No, Star Trek: Picard isn’t a space adventure nor is it a replica of any other series on television. Some fans are disappointed that the show wasn’t essentially a follow-up to The Next Generation, but this Picard is a man in his nineties who is still, at heart, trying to make a difference in his world. That, to me, makes is a show worth watching.