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Galactic Federation is Trending And It's Not At All Because of Star Trek

The term Galactic Federation is currently trending online, and it isn't related to Star Trek. The United Federation of Planets is a fictional government that dispatched the starship Enterprise in the popular sci-fi franchise. Within the franchise, the Federation's mission was to explore space for other species and worlds in a peaceful effort to make contact and relations.

Throughout the franchise's nearly 60 year history, what set Star Trek aside from most of the other sci-fi entities was its overarching message of peace, unity, and exploration. Not only demonstrated in the themes and storylines of the material but the original series' racially diverse cast, a monumental decision at the time of the show's initial airing. However, despite this being purely fictional, in a recent interview, a former Israeli space security chief has now revealed the existence of what he claims to be a real Galactic Federation.

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In an interview by The Jerusalem Post, Haim Eshed discussed how Israel and America held talks with someone he dubs the "Galactic Federation" for years. Much like it's Star Trek counterpart, the space government wants to "understand the fabric of the universe," with a supposed representative meeting place under the surface of Mars. He also mentioned that the reason he is breaking the news now is that "today, [academics are] already talking differently" and that he would have been "hospitalized" if he had spoken out earlier. Sadly, Eshed's statements don't seem to have much in the way of scientific backing. Still, his credentials as Israel's Space Security Chief of nearly three decades and high standing in academic circles indicate that his report comes from a very educated place.

Eshed went on to explain that President Donald Trump has been stopped from reporting the Federation's existence, as they wanted humanity to "evolve and reach a stage where we will... understand what space and spaceships are." Eshed has also penned a book about the subject.

The Internet took the out-of-this-world news with a heavy dose of skepticism and many jokes. Even original series Star Trek cast member Geroge Takei humorously picked up the story (seen in the tweet above). In a year that seemingly couldn't get any stranger, this curious news is more than fitting.

This isn't the first time Star Trek and real-life alien exploration have crossed paths, with Star Trek: Strange New World actor Anson Mount having sent out a signal to extraterrestrials last month with the scientific body METI. With no mention of Star Trek nor much levity in his interview, it seems he's taking this all very seriously, just as the United Nations have in the past. In 1958, a similar governing body called the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs was set up and worked to promote peaceful exploration in space along with all countries on Earth. How much these government branches influenced Star Trek, or how much Star Trek influenced them, is unknown.

For now, Star Trek itself has its phasers set to "entertain" with another movie still in developmentStar Trek: Discovery blasting through its third season and Star Trek: Picard season 2 resuming filming next month. Time will tell if Ashed's aforementioned underground delegate Mars base will be uncovered, or if Trump will finally crack and reveal what the extraterrestrials said to him after all. What's for sure is that this talk of a Galactic Federation has gotten people talking about Star Trek again, which is always a good thing.

Source: The Jerusalem Post/George Takei

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