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5 Star Trek holiday videos to get you in the spirit

Holidays weren’t routinely celebrated on Star Trek so creative fans came up with their own ways of showing Star Trek getting in the spirit

Star Trek fans are some of the best in the world. They never cease to amaze with their dedication to the franchise and their unlimited creativity. Artists, musicians, video editors, and more utilize their talents to share their love of all things Star Trek throughout the entire year, but these videos were specifically created to celebrate the holidays.

Star Trek: The Next Generation and Make It So

Captain Picard was known for his “make it so” and “engage” phrases, and this fabulous video sets one to the tune of “Let it Snow.” The creative mind behind this utilized the characters in a way that must have taken hours. This type of dedication is to be admired.

The 12 Days of Christmas—Star Trek Style

A fantastically creative genius culled numbers from each of the TV series (and a movie) to form the 12 Days of Christmas Star Trek Style. This is another video that must have taken a lot of time and effort as well as knowledge to know where to find these phrases. Well-done and funny!

Wonderful Deep Space Nine

All aboard the station as the crew “sings” a different version of “Wonderful Christmastime.” Some of the lyrics are sung by those who wouldn’t be welcome at a Christmas party like Weyoun, the female changeling, and Sloan from Section 31. Overall, this is another talented creation for the holidays!

Tuvok, the Vessel’s Vulcan

From the same brilliantly-talented fan who created Wonderful Deep Space Nine comes a unique take on Rudolph, the “Red-nosed Reindeer.” The creator, John C. Worsley, got seriously creative with the lyrics to showcase the most logical crewman of all.

Enterprise Rock

John C. Worsley is back with a rocking rendition of Enterprise Rock set to the tune of “Jingle Bell Rock.” Commander Shran makes an appearance as well as the rest of the crew and adds to the pure perfection of this video by a truly talented fan.

If these videos brought a smile to you face and helped lift your mood, you may want to check out a few more like Happy Trekmas (with the crew of the Original Series). What could possibly be better than Star Trek and Christmas?