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Throwback Thursday – Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Review

Star Trek: First Contact is one of the most impressive, well done and masterful Star Trek films of all time, and that’s why it’s time to review it.

Star Trek: First Contact might just be the best film in the franchise’s history. Usually, when the films get brought up, it’s Wrath of Khan, First Contact, and Star Trek (2009) that get mentioned the most. All different films, all fine examples of what Trek can be but all good films. For Wrath of Khan, it’s a story about revenge. For the 2009 film, it’s about becoming all that you can. For First Contact? It’s about zombies in space, baby.

Yes, the film is deeper than that. Jean-Luc Picard finally comes head to head with the Borg as the cybernetic alien race barrels towards Earth, hoping to go back in time and destroy humanity. That way the Alpha Quadrant is easier to conquer. At the time, no one knew that was the plan. So instead what we get is a full-blown action sequence with the brand new Enterprise-E, fighting alongside the Defiant and its crew. Among other Federation ships.

Eventually, Worf and the defiant go over to the Enterprise, and Picard and company go after a fleeing Borg sphere, which survived the battle. They follow it all the way back to April 4, 2063, as Zefram Cochrane is prepared to test the first-ever warp engine in humanity’s history. They destroy the sphere and go down to help the group rebuild so that history stays the course.

The crew of the Enterprise soon find that the Borg weren’t destroyed when the sphere blew up and now have to deal with the alien hive-mind running rampant on their ship.

I won’t spoil the rest for you, in case you haven’t seen it but it is a masterclass of filmmaking. How does it hold up, however?

Let’s go to the scores.

Acting: There isn’t a bad note in his film, let alone a bad line delivered. The entire crew is back from the series, save for Whoopie Goldberg, but joining the cast are Adam Scott in a minor role, Neal McDonough in a moderate role, and James Cromwell and Alfre Woodard in major roles. The talent for this film was incredible.

Grade: 5/5

Writing: It’s about zombies….in space….A+ CONTENT IDEA.

Grade: 5/5

Design: This film introduced the Enterprise-E, which in my opinion is the best looking Enterprise in series history. Not just that, but we also meet the Borg Queen for the first time, and by golly, what an entrance.

Grade: 5/5

Special Effects: This film was made in 1996 and looks as good today as it did 24 years ago.

Grade: 5/5

Enjoyability: It’s my personal favorite Star Trek film and arguably my personal favorite science fiction film. It’s just pure perfection. The quotes from this film are still so good.

Grade: 5/5

Overall: 25/25 (100%)