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5 Best Star Trek (#Spock) Tweets This Week

The Star Trek hashtag got a workout this past week with so many fans sharing their love of the franchise

Rarely does a day go by on Twitter that Star Trek isn’t mentioned. This week, we’re focusing on Spock whether it’s cosplay, a favorite quote, or art.

And this Star Trek fan @shyravenn definitely shared the love with these wonderful digital images of one of our favorite science officers.

This is a cool cosplay picture from @naominka_. She looks like she could walk onto the set of Star Trek: Discovery right now!

On December 7th, which was the anniversary of the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture @Cevni reminded us of the wonderful documentary For the Love of Spock. Directed by Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam, It’s available now on Netflix.

Star Trek Runner (@jillmwoodman) showed the world the love of Spock by sharing his pin along with a plug for @FanSets which is definitely worth checking out!

And here’s a Spock painting by @kerstin_kj that includes a little something extra. Love that image of the Enterprise!

There simply isn’t enough space to share all of the perfectly logical Spock moments on Twitter this week so do yourself a favor and give the hashtag #spock a search when you have a few minutes. You’ll see some incredible artwork, pets who’ve been given a name it’ll be hard to live up to, memories of Leonard Nimoy (Zachary Quinto and Ethan Peck are shown the love for their portrayals as well), and even the most logical quotes from our favorite Vulcan.

P.S. You might want to stop by Instagram as the fandom is alive and well there, too, with all the creativity the fans can bring, including Spock mittens and a dog named Spock who is fascinated by the opening to Star Trek: Discovery.