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Castle Freak 2020: How A Post Credit Scene Teases A Re-Animator Remake Movie

Tate Steinsiek's 2020 remake of Stuart Gordon's Castle Freakfeatures a post-credit scene that hints at a Re-Animatorremake in the works. With the heightened popularity of Lovecraftian horror over the past several years, the possibility of remakes and reboots are not improbable. In fact, they seem more likely now than they ever have before. Castle Freak's Re-Animator clue at the end of the might mean that Herbert West may return for the first time in over a decade.

Stuart Gordon adapted several stories by Lovecraft, most of which star Jeffrey Combs. Re-Animator was his directorial debut, and immediately placed him in the zeitgeist of 1980s Lovecraftian and body horror forever. In 1995, Gordon's movie Castle Freak premiered. Castle Freak's story is loosely based on "The Outsider", a short story about a person who is trapped in a castle and has an unwavering desire to break free in order to experience the world rather than be confined behind the building's walls for all eternity. Unknown to the main character, there is a bizarre creature living alongside him. The movie doesn't take too much from the original source, as there isn't much to go off of. Castle Freak was notably produced by Full Moon Productions, who are currently in the midst of creating the Lovecraftian series Miskatonic Uwhich will focus on the fictional university that Herbert West attended when he re-animated the undead.

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While there are some major differences between the original movie and the 2020 remake, they exist in order to establish an opportunity to expand beyond Castle Freak. Throughout Steinsiek's movie, there are several symbols of H. P. Lovecraft's mythos and lore: the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, Cthulhu sculptures, the old ones, and Yog-Sothoth. The post-credit scene reveals that every symbol was entirely intentional, as it will likely lead to a Re-Animator remake.

After the "professor"—as he is solely referred to up until the post-credit scene—knocks on the door of his mentor at Miskatonic University, he is told to enter. In this moment, he is addressed as Mr. Armitage, who is actually Henry Armitage, the head librarian at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts. The school's copy of the Necronomicon supposedly went missing in the 1920s. Once Henry Armitage discovered a copy in the Albanian castle, he becomes obsessed with watching the old ones rise, especially the Yog-Sothoth. As he enters the room, there is a man in a lab coat facing away from him with a glowing green vial on the table. With a look of disdain and frustration in his voice, Armitage says, "West." 

The post-credit scene immediately concludes following his exclamation of who this strange man is. While Henry Armitage was travelling back from Albania to Miskatonic University with the Necronomicon in tow, Herbert West flew in from the United Kingdom with his reagent. Due to the history of Full Moon's involvement with the original Castle Freak as well as their upcoming seriesthis could possibly allude to the return of Herbert West in Miskatonic U. While this is entirely possible, it's far more likely it means that Steinseik intends on taking on another Stuart Gordon adaptation in the near future: Re-Animator. 

If a Re-Animatorremake isn't in the works, then the post-credit scene might serve as a means to introduce Henry Armitage's origin story, as his is one of the lesser known characters in Lovecraftian lore. It is highly unlikely that Armitage will ever get a standalone movie, but he will likely make an appearance in Full Moon's Miskatonic U. Nearly every piece of H. P. Lovecraft's writings are linked with one another. With the popularity of Lovecraftian horror in the 21st century, it's likely that thepost-credit scene in Castle Freak means that there will be a remake or new piece of media focused on the character in the not-too-distant future.

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