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Star Trek Lore: Certifiably Ingame looks at Deep Space Nine and it’s history

Certifiably Ingame does great deep dives into the history of Star Trek and he does it again with his look back at the history of Deep Space Nine.

Star Trek beyond its exploration and political intrigue is also a slice of life show. A series that shows you what life is like in the future, far away from the comforts of home. The first two series (and films) focused on life on the U.S.S Enterprise, but when Next Generation created a spin-off called Deep Space Nine, the series took a shift. Not only away from the Enterprise, or any ship that is, but to a space station.

Following the switch from ship to a station, the series also switched from a captain to a commander, bringing in Commander Benjamin Sisko to run Deep Space Nine. A huge order considering that the space station was actually a Cardassian outpost used to help subjugate the Bajorans that lived on the planet that Deep Space Nine orbited.

That’s only some history of the space station and thanks to Certifiably Ingame, the entire history of the space station is now available in one easy video.

The space station is the centerpiece of an entire series, a series that not only defined what Star Trek could do but also where it can go. The series was a landmark show that featured a conflict that spanned several genres. From the science vs. religion debate to if people can find redemption after they’ve committed great attrocities.

It was a series that focused on things like recovery and grudges. How religion can soothe a soul and corrupt one. It’s an incredibly poignant series and Deep Space Nine was at the center of it.

Certifiably Ingame does a great job capturing the history and the significance of the moments that happened on the station, but on the series and in between the panels if you will. If you want a refresher or are curious to learn about the station without having to watch seven seasons’ worth of television, this is the way to go.