Star Trek Guide

What Might Virtual Casinos Look Like in the Age of Star Trek?

What features tend to define a successful online casino in this day and age? Using JackpotCity as an example, players will immediately note the variety of games to be enjoyed, an ever-increasing jackpot, attractive signup bonuses, and a blog which is constantly updated. These amenities actually make a great deal of sense when we consider how far digital technology has come in recent times. We are even approaching a time when options such as live video poker are realities.

So, how might this industry continue to evolve over the next few centuries? Let us take a look at some interesting ideas based around the assumption that the USS Enterprise still allows its crew to play casino games when cruising around the galaxy. What further advancements might they be able to leverage? While entirely fictional in nature, it is always interesting to guess what the future might have in store.

The Holodeck

If we follow accepted Star Trek canon, it only makes sense that the holodeck will host any casino games that may be present (similar to the poker matches displayed in Star Trek: The Next Generation). However, it is also logical to assume that individuals will be able to play their own matches against the computer if they do not wish to be part of a larger crowd. Will these interfaces be completely holographic? Might players literally be able to "walk" through hidden levels and to "spin" slots reels? We would like to think so.

More Games Than Ever Before

It is a foregone conclusion that games such as blackjack, roulette and Texas hold'em will still be present. However, this is where things could become quite interesting. We need to remember that the main intention of the Enterprise is to explore the galaxy. It therefore stands to reason that games from other alien civilisations will be included within any virtual casino. It is also likely that other options such as the multi-tiered version of chess played by Captain Kirk should be offered to players. The crew will therefore be able to enjoy a wide array of choices; an important consideration when taking into account the distance of an average interstellar journey.

What About Money?

Several Star Trek episodes stressed that money (as we currently know it) does not hold much value. However, let's also remember that valuable substances such as latinum were still used by many other species. Could this indicate that winning a jackpot in the future may supply the player with bars or coins of latinum? Might federation "credits" instead be supplied? We will leave the answers to these questions up to the reader.

A Truly Stellar Gaming Experience

While the modern casino industry is evolving in leaps and bounds, it would likely pale in comparison to the games enjoyed by the future Star Trek generation. One aspect should nonetheless remain the same. Such games will continue to appeal to individuals from all walks of life as the years progress.