Star Trek Guide

Top Three Movies You Should Prepare For

Star Trek

Star Trek is an American franchise and it is based on the science fiction series. This series was created by the one and only Gene Roddenberry and the first season was called Star Trek. Now there are so many other movies and series out that it is simply referred to as being the Original Series. There are thirteen Star Trek movies out right now and the most recent one was released in 2016. If you want to watch the best movie then you need to watch one of the first six films. They continue the adventures of the original cast, and this will give you the best idea of what the series is about in general, so make sure that you don’t miss out on it.


Casino is another fantastic movie. If you enjoy playing at an online casino such as NetBet slots then you will know what a thrill it can give you. This movie however doesn’t really focus on the enjoyments that casinos can offer. It focuses on the behind-the-scenes happenings between the people who run them, and it also focuses on the amount of tension that is between everyone when it comes to criminal activity. Again, this movie is best watched without any spoilers at all, so make sure that you give it a watch if you can. You won’t regret it and you may even find that the cast is huge as well. The cast includes everyone from Joe Pesci to James Woods and even Sharon Stone. You also have the legend himself Robert De Niro.

The Godfather

If you haven’t heard of this movie before then you have been missing out. The Godfather is truly one of a kind, and it’s a phenomenal movie to say the least. It revolves around the outbreak of a gang war. It’s set in the late ’40s and it takes place in New York City. This movie is often said to be one of the biggest and the best films in cinema right now and it is also one of the most influential as well. You won’t want to look up any spoilers for this movie if you can because it will certainly ruin it. There’s nothing like watching this movie, and if you are watching it for the first time then you will certainly have the best time and you would be surprised at how great the cast are at working with one another to get the point of the story across. Of course, it’s a good idea for you to try and watch the trilogy if you can because they all follow on from one another and each one builds on the last. If you ask anyone, they’ll most likely tell you that the Godfather trilogy is one of their favourite series and when you watch it for yourself, you’ll soon see why.