Star Trek Guide

Boldly Going Strong: The Enduring Legacy of the Star Trek Franchise


The Star Trek Franchise has been going strong for well over 40 years. Initially, starting with just three seasons running from 1966 until 1969. From those three seasons, a legion of fans was made, and it became one of the biggest shows in American history - and swept the globe soon after.

Trekkies have kept the franchise alive until the modern day and have had the good fortune that movies, music, clothing, conventions, and games too!

So, what are some of the stand-out titles from the Star Trek movies and games?

Star Trek: Generations

Two of the most loved characters come together. The first feature film had one of the biggest moments in Star Trek history - the passing of the torch. Captain Kirk and Captain Picard both go on adventures (of course!) after Ct. Kirk had been trapped in a Nexus for a long time.

Critics say that there should have been more time with the pair on screen making a stronger bond - but as the first feature film, it’s still a good one.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

It took a whole decade before the crew hit the screen again. After the series was cancelled, the debut of Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released. Critics and fans love that even though Star Wars was now on the scene, Star Trek didn’t try to replicate or copy its success and instead stuck to what fans had fallen in love with.

What makes Star Trek: The Motion Picture great is the chemistry and reunion of the much-loved characters and a lot of conversation.


Star Trek: Judgement Rites

While it is not known for being one of the best Star Trek games, it firmly places the player in the mix of action. It has the typical bridge banter and conversation you need, as well as a combat style that feels very close to the series.

Like all good Star Trek games, there is a strong storyline that fits in with the formula that Trekkies love.

Star Trek (slot machine)

Star Trek: The Next Generation slot sticks closely to everything that made the show a smashing success. The slot has the futuristic themes that you want, enemy spaceships attacking, and crew members can give you extra wilds. All of the character symbols are higher paying, and you’re going to want to see Picard on there too.

The added thing to keep an eye on with this slot is the top of the screen above the reels - as the enemy ships can attack any spin, and the Enterprise Respin is triggered when they do.

If you see The Federation emblem appear on the middle reels at the same time, the free games have been triggered, and if you’ve played online slots before, you’ll know this is one of the best ways to max your winnings.

Star Trek has inspired various slot creators to create star trek themed slots such as The Next Generation slot game. As the popularity of online slot games grows and the number of online slots sites continues to rise, sites need to remain competitive and offer a variety of themed slot games such as Star Trek to attract a wider range of players to their site.

Star Trek: First Contact

Captain Picard is back at it again - since his humanity was taken from him, he is on a mission to destroy the Borg. With his humanity gone, Picard is angry in a way that clouds his usually good decision-making, and he takes actions that typically would be avoided.

First Contact really builds out the characters and offers viewers something fun, action-packed, and great overall, expensive for those who enjoyed The Next Generation.


While EGATrek might not be an official game, it is likely a game that you will remember playing if you’ve been a Trekkie for a while. Initially, it was released having the Enterprise vs. Romulans and Klingons - but quickly changed it to Lexington against the Mongols (after some gentle persuasion from Paramount).

Everything about the game is still very much Star Trek, though, the Stardates and the design of the ship.

With this game, you need to travel to various places and start to blow up the Mongol system. Lovers of retro games and those who don’t mind more simple, less graphically pleasing tactical games will enjoy this one - even if it isn’t strictly Star Trek.

Star Trek: Borg

Borg is a strange combination of a movie and a game. It is considered to be an interactive movie, and there are some mechanics to the game and the styling that are great. You’re a cadet, and your father was annihilated by the Borg - giving you enough reason to try to take revenge.

Q appears and offers you something that you can’t pass up - you have the chance to go back and save your father from what happened. What makes it better? You get to hit Q more than once! The time travel is handled in a smart way, and you’re going to use that game mechanic a few times to progress in the game.

An interactive movie game is a fun twist on regular gameplay, and while the acting might not be A+, it’s still enjoyable.

Right now, there are multiple Star Trek sources of entertainment, including cartoons like Star Trek: Prodigy, Lower, and Lower Deck. Picard is going strong, and Strange New Worlds Season 2 is set to premiere this year (2023). Plus, so many more!